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Konvertering – Efterbehandling av Papper

Tail Tie Glue – COTAC E Adhesive to seal the loose tail to the roll – Dries to a transparent finish – Is peelable – Very quick drying

Log Saw Lubricants – SAWLUBE Pap Oil is applied to the log saw in cutting process –Enables clean, precise cutting, reducing waste

Core Glue – COTAC 20 G Water-based core winding glue – Very quick drying

Embossing roll oil – EmboLube Prevents build up and cleans embossing Converting softener – SOFTLAYER Product applied with spray equipment – Improves surface softness/handfeel – WEKO approved

Ply bonding glue – COTAC PG Adhesive applied to plies – Very quick drying – Easy handling and application – Dries to a transparent finish

Pick up additive – SPINTAC PM – pick up tail at breaks.

VCI paper additives – PetroCor Rust preventative for VCI papers – Solvent-free and water-miscible product – Works on steel and alloys – Low vaporization of content

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